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Free Delivery

Whether it’s work, the kids, or the general pace of life, we get it. There isn’t enough time to get everything done. Your dry cleaning should be the last thing on your “to-do” list.


Try our free pick up & delivery service! Our dry cleaning and shirt laundry are done in-house. We have quality cleaning and excellent service for a great price. Plus, there is no extra delivery fee. 

Delivery schedule: Mondays and Thursdays

How To Start

  1. Fill out your information HERE

  2. Your personal garment bag will be delivery at your doorstep.

  3. Put your garment in the bag and leave the bag at your doorstep for the Danford Cleaners vehicle to pick up.

  4. Your garment will be clean at our facility, and your freshly pressed clothes will be delivery back to your doorstep.

Our Trust and Privacy Policy: The Danford Cleaners family believes trust and honesty is the vest policy. We do not give out any personal information to third parties and your information will be kept private.

Pick Up & Delivery Schedule

The Danford Cleaners vehicle pick up & delivery schedule is Tuesday and Thursday between 12PM to 5PM.


  • SWEATER    $7.00

  • DRESS    $14.50

  • SKIRT    $7.00

  • PANTS   $7.00

  • 2 PIECE SUITS    $15.00

  • SPORT JACKET    $8.95

  • FULL COAT    $21.00

  • TIE    $4.95

  • SHIRT    $2.95


-KING $35.00

-QUEEN  $30.00

-DOUBLE $25.00




-LARGE $28.00

-MEDIUM $25.00

-SMALL $20.00


  • RUGS   

$20.00~ $30.00



$2.50 PER PLEAT 

Enrollment Form

Please fill in the information to enroll.